Not on the rug, man

My Belgian blog buddy Serge is back with a vengeance after his summer sabbatical. I have a theory about his lack of posting over the last few weeks being something to do with his sudden hair loss affecting his blogging output Sampson style but he may argue and say it was just because he was on holiday and enjoying the real world after a tough few weeks.

As a fellow Lebowski fan (I've just proudly hung my Lebowskifest poster in room of Castle Smith) his link to the edited version of that cult classic made me laugh. I'm offering my own link to an homage to the Dude with a nod to all those kids in my generation who ran around the playground shouting 'By the power of Grayskull!' and other He-Man related phrases.

The Dude abides


Blogger Mad Woman said...

Oh yes, I remember that well!!!!

2:26 pm  
Blogger rachel said...

So i thought this would be tame Pub, so we all sat down at tea time to watch it, with our chicken tortillas, and the honeys were settling down to enjoy it. Anyway about halfway through the first mouthful I heard it, the F word and everyone stopped talking and looked at me. By now the choking sounds eminated from my mouth as the first piece of chicken shot out of the side of my mouth and hit the wall. Very funny, cant wait until dinner is over and i can watch the whole thing alone

5:25 pm  
Blogger rachel said...

That was hilarious, omg

5:51 pm  

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