Two wheels or four?

For the last four years or so I've been spoiled. Until recently I lived close enough to walk or cycle to work and did so every day (apart from 3 days) for four years. I walked/cycled in every type of weather imaginable and didn't once feel guilty about the smug feeling I got when I walked past all the commuters stuck in a jam on a sunny day while I was enjoying the stroll home.

My new house is probably not walking distance (even at my marching pace I reckon it would be 45-50 minutes) but the bike is still an option. I've been pretty slack recently though. My green sensibilities are fast fading each time I get in the car to drive to work. I have been car sharing and I've even ventured onto the bus a couple of times but I still feel like I should make more of an effort to take the bike option. I don't even have the battle that London cyclists face to dissuade me (although there are a couple of hairy points on the ride in). My main problem is clothes. It's not really feasible to wear my day-to-day office wear for the ride in. I don't have to wear a suit and tie (so I don't) but I still have to be smart/presentable and sweaty, oil-stained clothes just don't cut the mustard.

If I was organised enough I could probably use the showers at the sports centre before I went in to get cleaned up. I could probably even devise a 'take 4 clean shirts in on Monday and 4 dirty ones home on Friday' routine but I'm not sure where I'd keep them.

Any suggestions? I know there's at least one keen cyclist out there amongst you.


Anonymous Serge said...

At least you have the possibility of taking a shower - if only we were so lucky... Anyway, it's not the organisation nor the clothes, nor the where to put them. It's making the switch that counts. Up there, if you know what I mean. Mind you, it's easy for me to say: I live 80km from work so I don't have to think about biking there every day. Not unless I get up at 3 am... Or is that just looking for excuses too? :-D
I am sure a good cape against the rain and some fresh clothes should do the trick for you...

3:32 pm  
Blogger deetour said...

Screw the environment! Get a Cooper and drive it baby! haha

1:19 am  
Blogger rachel said...

4 shirts to work on monday, then bike it for the rest of the week. Get personal insurance for when you get knocked off by taxis in the bike lanes. Oh and a full WW2 gas mask to stop fumes pollution.
Better idea - follow deetour's advice I think

5:00 pm  
Blogger Pub said...

Serge - that's a fair old commute you've got there. Makes my 10km round trip seem a bit insignificant. I know what you mean about making the switch 'up there' though. Oddly enough it's been odd switching back to driving after 4 years on foot/on the bike.

Deetour - I've been trying to steal my parents' v cool mini for ages

Rachel - was thinking about getting one of these. They make you look a bit like the Predator though.

9:23 am  
Blogger rachel said...

Looks like a jockstrap with airholes

7:27 pm  
Blogger sarjarunkkaaja said...

Why don't you buy a vespa, classic model?

something like this:

And you can start wearing a pink shirt with mocassins and whenever you play a soccer game, call your oppenents' mothers whores and take a dive as much as you can in order to get a penalty... if you succeed you will be world champion before you know it.

Here is a video of how well Materazzi represents sportsmanship:

Oh well... comfort yourself with the thought that Mr Berlusconi might finally get what he deserves:,,13509-2260646,00.html


6:44 am  
Anonymous Serge said...

@Sarjarunkkaaja: first of all, get a typable name, Piet :-). And secondly: viva Italia. Apart from Mexico, they brought the best football of the tournament. 'Gli azzurri' are simply amongst the most talented players in the world, whether you like that or not. And about sportsmanship: I suppose all the other players were choir boys? I am sorry but Italy rightfully won the World Cup. And now let's stop talking about football and get back to some real sports. Like cycling for instance... :-)

5:38 pm  

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