The rhythm is gonna get ya

Fed up with football already? Need to put a bit of sparkle in your step? Oddjob play the kind of music that it's impossible not to find your groove to. If you're in London on Wednesday, head over to the Tabernacle (spitting distance from Old St tube) and show the world that it's not just the Brazilians who have dancing feet. Oh, and say hello to Tamar from me.


Blogger Madeleine said...

Sick of the footie, yes. But guess what? I've roped in to pulling pints at a bar tomorrow during the England match. Shit it's going to be carnage. Think your idea sounds much better.

11:53 pm  
Blogger rachel said...

Oooooh! Mid week drinking and dancing - fab, shame Mads and I live so far away.

3:05 pm  

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