Pass the Pimms...

Or not. The Kiwi's 30th birthday party was a great success. Despite being teased by the British weather, the gathering clouds couldn't spoil the party. The house and garden on Sunday bore the marks of a good session and I'm told the last man standing threw in the towel at 7am. A day on the river in the sunshine, watching the University's boat club race Warwick was the perfect way to blow out the cobwebs. I'll admit it though, I did have to pass on the Pimms and settle for a cup of tea. How very English.


Anonymous Serge said...

How very English indeed. Would like to try Pimm's someday - the only Pimm's we have over here are the biscuits called like that. And rowing contests? Not around here...

BTW: my guess would be there probably is a story to the name "the Kiwi", like there was one for "the Monkey". I imagine he's from Down Under?

BTW2: 30th birthday? Oh happy days...

BTW3: any news on the Brussels Conference?

BTW4: how's the VOIP/Skype thingummy coming along?

BTW5: just tell me if you think I being too obtrusive.

BTW6: but not too in-my-face-like; that's bad for my self-esteem :-) ...

7:08 pm  
Blogger Pub said...

Ahhh Pimms, great on a Summer's day. And you even get to eat the fruit after you've finished your drink so it's practically a health drink.

There is indeed a story to the name 'the Kiwi' but this time it's far more literal than 'the Monkey' - you guessed it, he [my flatmate] is from New Zealand and shares his name with my next door neighbour so we call him that to distinguished between the 2.

No news on the Brussels conference yet. I've just been promoted at the University (am now Head of Corporate Online Content and Strategy - heck of a title eh?) so I haven't really had a moment to ask the big boss to sign it off. Will try and get an answer this week (are you going?)

Had to send the VOIP phone back to get a software upgrade. Hoping to get it back soon. Soon as I have it I'll drop you a line. :-)

9:19 pm  
Anonymous Serge said...

I'm going alright: both Thursday and Friday, normally. Won't be staying overnight in Brussels though - budget issue because too close to home :-).

10:42 am  

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