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Living in the city, it's nice to be able to escape the urban metropolis every now and again. Despite the many advantages and opportunities that living in a large city offers, I am still a country boy at heart so the open invitation to visit friends down in Devon for a weekend seemed like too good an opportunity to miss after the recent stint in Birmingham and London. Healthy living, clean air, good company.

Bring your bike, said Rich. If there's no surf, we can head up the woods and hack about on the trails for a bit. Rich likes bikes. Scratch that, Rich loves bikes. In fact I think he likes bikes even more than he likes boards. I like my bike too, but apart from riding to work and the odd foray into town, I don't get much off-road practice. Perhaps I should have remembered this before I found myself heading for a fast approaching 'drop-off', halfway down a tree-lined slope. Luckily, years of rugby, skateboarding and snowboarding have taught me how to take a fall and toughened me up a bit. Bloodied but unbowed I soldiered on and did it again. Note to self - learn from your mistakes/don't listen to Rich

To rub salt (or should that be sand?) into the wound, I came a cropper on the skimboard in spectacular fashion. Broken and bruised but still smiling. What does that say about my idea of fun?


Anonymous Andrea Weckerle said...

If you survived this, the body art issue shouldn't be a concern anymore, right? :-)

1:43 pm  
Blogger Pub said...

erm right...

the pain I can deal with. I'm sure I've had worse (I'm accident prone and I like contact sports)

I just need a design I won't hate when I'm 40

3:30 pm  

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