Ceci n'est pas un mp3

So, the geeks have triumphed over the hippes. The courts have ruled in favour of Apple computers over the Beatles' Apple Corps over the right to use the apple logo for the itunes digital music online store.

The case was a clash of 2 heavyweights of different eras – the Beatles had been split for 14 years before Jobbs and Wozniak released their first official Apple computer. Perhaps it is indicative that the power once wielded by music legends like the Beatles is giving way to the multi-millionaire geek; Steve Jobbs and Bill Gates have both given nods to their music idols at one time or another.

The ruling was made on the back of Apple's assertion that it wasn't straying into the music territory that would infringe their 1991 agreement with Apple Corps because, 'since it's all digital, the iTunes Music Store is just a data transmission service' (the Guardian's Bobbie Johnson).

So, the argument becomes what is music and what is not. All sounds a bit Magritte to me.

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