Post post modernism

In the post post-modern world (I lose track of where we are now – new millennium? Turn of the century? Neo-modernist?) we're used to, almost saturated with, examples of self-awareness in our art. Clever nods to the reader/viewer are commonplace in film, television and literature and with the advent of reality TV we're used to seeing 'the man behind the curtain'.

Recent comments on Andrea's blog missed the point of the discussion and took a swipe at bloggers who blog about blogging (that's a lot of blog). Admittedly there are a significant number of bloggers, especially in the communications and PR industries, who dedicate a lot of time and effort to blogging and podcasting on and around the subject of the new social media but then that's hardly surprising really is it, given the direction those industries are heading.

Rarely do we get a chance to be part of the development of something that changes the way that entire industries go about their work. It's interesting to watch it develop, to watch successes and failures and to comment on them. Perhaps by writing this post alone I am proving 'Ms' Chapel right. I don't care.

However, outside the 'little sorority of aggregators' (of which I presume I'm included – again, I don't care), the blogosphere is heaving under the weight of 36.5 million blogs on the most enormous diversity of subjects, written by an equally diverse group of people, loosely banded as 'bloggers'.

Out of the masses a few unlikely voices have rung out over the babble. London call girls and wannabe cooks mingle with acclaimed authors for space on an equal footing and some even win themselves lucrative publishing deals as a result of their activities in the blogosphere.

This piece, featured on the BBC's site today tells the remarkable story of how circumstances left an educated, articulate woman in her early 30's has ended up homeless, living out of her car and washing in hospitals and public conveniences, and how her Wandering Scribe blog has become somewhat of a lifeline to her.

So, we may be guilty of a certain amount of navel gazing within the communications industry but stories like this remind me that the impact of social media is far reaching and for all our theorising and postulating around the subject, we've only just begun to scratch the surface.


Anonymous Andrea Weckerle said...


Another blogger who, like you, "gets it" is Bill Green, who wrote this insightful post:

11:38 pm  
Anonymous Andrea Weckerle said...

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11:39 pm  
Blogger Serge said...

I'd say you're really good at scratching, then.

12:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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