Nobody's perfect

International Association of Nobodies logoSo-called A-listers beware. We may be small but we are many. We are also, apparently 'nobody', but there are an awful lot of nobodies out there it would seem.

We even have our own association. An International Association no less. With coffee mugs and a logo.

So, self-appointed somebodies like David Murray. Look out.

I shan't post the background to this. Instead I shall point you to fellow Nobodies and IAN founders Andrea, Allan and Eric.

Nobody button
Join us and don't be someone, be no-one

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Blogger Serge said...

Now let's hope this doesn't lead to our blogs being read thàt much we can no longer pretend to be nobody :-). But then again...

2:28 pm  
Anonymous Andrea Weckerle said...


Welcome to the group!

(Make sure to get your password from Allan.)

5:50 pm  
Anonymous Gary Goldhammer said...

Sam, I would welcome you to the group as well, but since I'm a nobody, why would you care? :-)

4:16 am  
Blogger sarjarunkkaaja said...

Who? David R. Murray? Who the hell is that? Another self proclaimed "sensei" in the world of communication?

Serious people... who cares? Only the people in the communication business I guess...

I remember we had this presentation once give by Guillaume Vanderstichelen (except for Serge, probably no-one ever heard of him... which already proves my point)

Okay, he makes brilliant commercials... but it is his job for crying out loud. If the plumber comes over, you want you water tap fixed, right? So if a pub agency charges you a s***load of money you better expect a good commercial, right?

Anyway, he was sharing his already known knowledge with the world and kicking in doors that already were more wide-opened then Paris Hilton's leggs.

And in the middle of his presentation he decided to make fun of an award organized by our school in which the students and especially the teachers put a lot of time and efforts. And he even won the award... but still decided to make fun of the name... I was pissed off!

Apparently he is not the only one who thinks he's "God" (only Clapton is)... well here is my message to David R. Murray: "Piss off, Murray... unless you don't have to lower your pants to take a crap... you're no better then me or anyone else ... Kiss"

8:44 am  
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