Happy birthday Betty

Loyalist or Republican (don't ask me which I am, I haven't made up my mind yet) it's hard not to admire the Queen on some levels. Decried by some as head of an outmoded institution, loved and reviled in the colonies, I certainly wouldn't want her job. The rise of the media certainly hasn't made her life any easier either (I wouldn't think there aren't many of us who's family's indiscretions could stand up to the same level of scrutiny).

Not that she's perfect. Far from it in fact. But just for today at least – Happy Birthday ma'am, and God bless all who sail in you.

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Blogger Serge said...

Did I read correctly: "The queen in Hell Close" (n the cover of what I think is a book)? Isn't that "The Queen and I" by Sue Townsend? Or is there a sequel of some kind? It's one of the books on my reading list for our students in the second year (I also lecture a bit of English) - not world literature, but a great and relaxing read, if you ask me... I was planning on trying Number 10 too, but I haven't gotten round to it yet. You wouldn't happen to know if it's any good?

7:53 pm  
Blogger Pub said...

Well spotted Serge. That book is part of the Penguin publishers' 70 series - a series of extract from its most famous/popular books, published for the 70th anniversary of the company I think.

I haven't read number 10 but I'm a big fan of Sue T for the same reasons as you. Her Adrian Mole series (which I think is still going) was massively popular over here

3:19 pm  

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