for England, Harry and St George

What did you do this weekend? If you're English, chances are you didn't celebrate your national patron saint's day. Well, if English Heritage are to be believed 4 out of 5 of you didn't anyway.

Unlike the Irish, Welsh, Scots, even the Americans and Australians, the English shy away from patriotic celebrations. For many it is the fear of being branded nationalist rather than patriotic and lumped in with the infamous English football hooligans who have appropriated use of the English flag and other patriotic imagery.

Recent campaigns to revive St George's day celebrations have been dominated by those with commercial interests (Pubs, Clintons cards) hoping to recreate some of the revenue generating opportunities that other similar days like St Patrick's day offer. Out in the city yesterday I saw a few people wearing roses pinned to their jackets and the City Council had even organised a (fairly lame) set of St George-themed celebrations.

Campaigners have long quoted the fact that we have 5 less national holidays than our European neighbours and campaigns to get St George's day recognised as a holiday are going strong. Perhaps the promise of a day off work and special offers at the pub will be the right recipe to kick start the patriotism in people.


Anonymous Philip Young said...


Forgive the comment but I couldn't see your email address. Thought you might be amused by my latest post to Mediations) - made the day before the (real) Mirror story).

7:32 am  
Blogger sarjarunkkaaja said...

Hey Sam,

just how popular is the queen in Britain? Is she popular with only the eldery people and the VTM-audience?
(VTM audience ... people who sold their ability to think for themselves in order to buy another garden gnome, thinking is now taken care of by commercial television, Serge can explain this better, I think)

Or does almost everyone (95%) like them? Here in belgium it is only old people and the vtm-audience that adore our royal collection of brainers that reach up to an IQ of 145 (all together, that is)

That Laurent guy is okay, he knows he is not the brightest and shows that he not better then any of us (dropping down the pants, remember?)

Anyway, I hope that you get some more days off. Here in Finland, Vappu (or labourday) is about to start and that means an entire week of drinking and partying. Daylight for almost 18hours now... yeees summer is arriving ;-)


12:03 pm  
Blogger Pub said...

Philip - art mirroring life? Thanks for the link. I wonder if 2 jags will does read blogs? Somehow I doubt it.

Piet - depends who you believe. From what I can gather there's a fairly even split between loyalist and republicans although a lot of the people who are in favour of keeping the Queen want to do so because they think it ties in with national identity and the tourist trade. On the whole, I think increasingly there are a lot of people who like/respect the Queen, it's the rest of her family who seem to be dragging the Royals down. Enjoy your labour day, it's May Day here on Monday so I'm looking forward to a holiday too.

1:51 pm  

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