Don't panic

A phrase much beloved of fans of Dad's Army and Douglas Adams alike and jolly good advice it is too.

Back to work today and, apart from having to go into the work system and make a couple of quick changes to the website, this is the first time I've touched a computer or been online in a week. And it feels good.

After the initial shock of being 'out of the loop' – no email, no RSS! I achieved the zen-like calm of knowing the blogosphere, the internet and all the other computer-related stuff I do won't collapse without me and enjoyed my couple of days offline.

While I was offline I visited Castor and Pollock - one of my favourite bookshops/gallerys in Brighton – where I picked up a reproduction of this WWII print. Good advice I think.


Blogger Serge said...

So that's where you've been! You could have told us, couldn't ya? ;-)

You're right though: we all need to escape every now and then. And so true: it's business as usual with or without any of us. That's what I really like about zen: the essence is that there's no point to anything anyway. What a lovely, soothing idea...

Glad you enjoyed it AND were able to collect some true wisdom...

Oh: I've sent you an e-mail with regards to the Brussels Conference. Hope you can make it (and me too)...

3:31 pm  
Blogger Mad Woman said...

Pub, meant to ask you what poster you bought, looks good and Castor & Pollux is my favourite too.

As for zen, think I need to embrace it big time.

3:49 pm  

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