15 minutes of fame?

Imagine you're on your way to work and you turn the corner to be faced with a giant black and white candid image of you pasted on a wall. That's what you might find if you're friends with street artist 'Caper' who's 'secret friends' project involves him pasting large versions of his striking images (adapted from photographs) on walls/surfaces of the streets his friends walk on their way to school or work.

Say, aren't you that guy who's picture's on the side of the bridge?

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Blogger Serge said...

Great stuff. Glad, nevertheless, I am not a friend of his. I am not so fond of watching myself. That's why I prefer to be on the potographer's side of a camera too...I am already having the jitters when I think of the fact I might (not 100% certain yet) appear on Belgian TV in the course of this year (mind you: just a quick appearance on Kanaal Z, a business channel which is doing a series of friendly (I hope) conversations between older and younger (I'm still in the latter category) marketing folk). But as grafitti, this is really cool! I get the impression, btw, that more and more grafitti is getting really good instead of being just tags or nonsense. Perhaps, of course, this has already been going on for a longer period of time in more metropolitan areas (which is just about the rest of the whole world when you live where I do :-) ).

12:46 pm  
Blogger Pub said...

Tell me about it Serge. I had to do a Media Training course last year. Interview and presentation skills for TV, radio and print. They presented me with a DVD at the end with all my interviews on it. Needless to say it's buried deep in a drawer somewhere, hopefully never to return to haunt me.

I think you're right about the whole graffiti thing. There's been a really steep upswing in the quality of a lot of the pieces I've seen around recently. I don't know if it's to do with the fact it's becoming more recognised or less demonised but some of the stuff is fantastic. Graffiti artists can strike in the rural world though. I remember my parents village was 'terrorised' by a talented street artist going under the tag 'pantz' - never did find out who it was although I had a sneaking suspicion it was my Dad (he's a designer) who always spouted an admiration for his latest work/act of vandalism

1:07 pm  
Blogger Currin Girl said...

Caught your link from The Company Bitch blog and I'm enjoying it greatly. As for this particular topic, I happen to think it's pretty cool. It's basically another way of how we use people for observation, whether we're blogging about them or taking pictures of them or whatever. Everyone is essentially fodder for other people.

8:37 pm  
Blogger Mad Woman said...

'ello Pub - does this work?

9:54 am  

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