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Having read Serge's post on Serge Gainsbourg and the 15th anniversary of his death (2nd March) I started thinking about how we need larger than life characters to create modern heroes.

Obituaries are unusual pieces of reportage in that they can be seen as both depressing and inspiring. Any death is a sad occasion but the nature of an obit is to celebrate the life and achievements of its subject. The BBC run an infrequent column 'covering the passing of significant - but lesser-reported – characters' and this one in today's magazine section of BBC online caught my eye:

Kapitein Luitenant Francis Steinmetz was a Dutch naval officer who made a remarkable escape from the infamous Colditz Castle. He made his escape by descending from a British rugby scrum into a manhole beneath the pitch which was situated outside the castle walls. He and a fellow escapee replaced the manhole cover with a replica glass one that they could smash from below, and remained in the hole for several hours until darkness fell. They then emerged, replaced the original cover, and made off, escaping to Switzerland and then to Britain.


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Anonymous Andrea Weckerle said...


Just an idea... what do you think about creating a regular "Modern Day Heroes" post? Sort of like my Humor Links -- which I'm not sure anyone reads; maybe it's just my quirky sense of humor :-}. If you're not interested (and even if you are), I might join in. There are so many unsung heroes out there...

[Completely unrelated now: Just want to make sure my e-mail of a week ago or so sent via your website got through. No need to reply; just want to make sure there's nothing wrong on my end.]

5:41 pm  
Anonymous Serge said...

Amazing story. Never thought of the Dutch as that inventive ;-). Thanks for the link btw. Andrea: people do read your humour links, you know. At least, I do. Just don't put my wife's hairdo amongst them - she's been depressed for almost a week now... ;-D

1:32 pm  
Blogger Pub said...

Great idea Andrea, I'll get thinking about that. I agree there are so many to choose from. I've been drifting with the content of my posts recently and I'd been thinking about categorising them if I couldn't pick just one subject to blog on. I think this plus Serge's idea of blogging about the impending house purchase/move should give me some real direction - thanks!

PS - I didn't get your email. We've had server problems at our end so I think it may have been our gremlins not yours. Could you resent it?

11:37 am  
Anonymous Serge said...

I don't think Andrea is that resentful... As a matter of fact, I am sure she'll even resend it. ;-D

3:00 pm  
Blogger Pub said...

:s thanks Serge, that's why I should learn not to post comments before I've had my sunday wake-up coffee

4:36 pm  

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