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Before he went to Stuttgart, Serge posted another of his 'Strange folk, those Americans' posts in reaction to Andrea's post on opportunistic marketers playing on the fear surrounding the much talked about (128,528 blog entries on the subject listed on Technorati at the time of typing) impending 'bird flu' pandemic.

With so many bloggers posting on the subject (some more helpfully than others) I have limited my contribution this far to commenting and joining in the conversations on blogs like Serge's
NoCopy. It is interesting to compare and contrast the 2 distinct attitudes towards the situation (American v.s. European), especially froma place that sits (and swings) between the 2, financially, politically and culturally (Britain).

On the one hand, the drip drip coverage in the media over here hasn't reached or induced panic levels (we're with the European laissez faire camp on this one) but there is part of me that does think 'is this like the build up to a horror movie where there are loads of hints to the horror to come in the first half an hour for the audience to pick up on but the characters plough on regardless?'.

In contrast to the 'fear' industry that is being created in the States,
the BBC quotes reassuring expert Prof. Hugh Pennington (Aberdeen University):

"No need to panic. The virus is still a bird virus, it is not yet a human virus, and it may never be a human virus. As long as we manage to keep it reasonably under control in the birds I think we can breathe relatively easily for at least a year or two."

Maybe we should be more worried about the rumoured spread of 'blog flu'...

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Blogger Serge said...

See you got infected too! Brilliantly silly, isn't it? As for the avian flu: I think I'll go with the Prof. Pennington side... and hope he is right! Interesting article and thus dito post. Btw: thanks for the link.

11:45 am  
Anonymous Andrea Weckerle said...

Between Serge’s laissez faire approach, your wait-and-see approach, and my ready-for-action approach, I think we’ve got all the bases covered.

3:00 am  
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