Amateur bloggers 'R' us

If you're reading this blog then the chances are that you're 'on-board' with the whole blogging phenomenon. One of the main criticisms of blogs by non-bloggers is that blogs are just the online journals of people with too much time on their hands, suffering under the misapprehension that people will want to read about the mundane details of their day-to-day lives (I'm paraphrasing here of course).

Those in the know acknowledge that a large proportion of the 31 million plus blogs listed by Technorati are 'personal' blogs and many of them don't run to more than a couple of posts before the blogger's enthusiasm seemingly runs out. Even more so, the number of profiles and 'about me' sections that use words like 'slightly insane', 'ramblings' and 'random thoughts' to describe the author or content of the blog suggests (hopefully wrongly) that a significant number of bloggers have slight mental health issues and that the content of a lot of blogs does conform to the non-bloggers' pre-conceptions.

It's been argued all over the blogosphere (although there does seem to be a certain element of preaching to the choir here) by those much more clued in and intelligent than me that blogs are fast becoming an extremely useful communications tool and part of daily life for many. PR and marketing executives particularly and news media are jumping aboard the 'blogwagon' fast. Blogger communities are sharing tips and tricks and trends in blogging are developing and dying out almost as fast as you can keep up with them.

Having said all that, and as an advocate of the blog as more than just a communications tool, I'd like to share this post from blogger 'the Company Bitch' with you.* CB as she calls herself writes about her battles at work, her re/ex-boyfriend and her friends' encounter with what may or may not have been a Eunuch in a way that quickly gets you hooked
in the way that millions followed the 'slightly insane ramblings' of Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones. She's developing quite a loyal readership too.

*For those of you unfamiliar with the Guns and Roses track mentioned by CB, it's definitely worth downloading to truly appreciate the post


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