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After catching on to the '4 things' meme fairly late (I think I was standing in the kitchen at that particular blog party), I have been tagged by Philip Young's Scoop meme (via Serge 'No Copy' Cornelus) while I was on my way from the kitchen to the bar.

A well known and respected PR blogger and lecturer at Sunderland University, Philip has now turned his hand to memetics in a bid to widen the audience of his Scoop blog. His musings on the "Amazon problem" reminded me of an earlier post on this blog. Perhaps memetics is, if not the answer, at least an answer.

So, Philip, to the task in hand: After scouring my mental list of literary material (it needs a good tidy up, it had all got a bit messy and confused) and discounting the many non-European/UK sources, I am going to proffer parliamentary buffoon Boris Johnson's portrayal of Barry White, literary hack and plot device/catalyst (72 Virgins). I think it probably says a lot more about the honourable Mr Johnson's experience as a subject of the media, although as an editor/sometime journalist himself I am sure there is plenty of material in there that draws from his first-hand experiences at the sharp end of a pen.

My three tags:

Elizabeth CorporatePR Albrycht
Mack beyond Madison Avenue Collier
Karl 529 Binder


Anonymous Serge said...

Blog party? Right now, I prefer Bloc Party if that's okay with you ;-)... And while listening to some of their music, I might just give '72 virgins' a try. Makes me think of muslim martyrs. But they only get 70, don't they?

8:44 am  
Blogger Pub said...

You're bang on the nose there Serge with the music choice and the Islamic reference in the title of the book. I'm not sure whether it's 70 or 72, perhaps the extra 2 relate to other virgins in the book, but that would be giving the plot away...

9:01 am  

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