Will podcast for cash/food...(part 2)

Writing in the Guardian's Business section, Cosima Marriner adds to the publisher's already considerable bank of reporting on the podcasting phenomenon. Following on from colleague Tim Dowling's earlier piece for the Guardian in which he coined the term 'podcost', Cosima sums up a lot of the attention podcasting is getting from the commercial world: 'What remains to be seen is if there is any money to be made.'

There will always be a bottom line with any product, even one as cheap as Emap's £150 a month Kerrang! Podcast. There may be cases where a podcast's content may be useful or desirable enough for a user to stump up for it - but have those who are looking to sell podcasts really understood the full potential of the medium?

For the smaller podcaster who may not have the capability or resource to sell his/her content, the podcast can still be an effective marketing/PR tool. Intelligent podcast content can be engineered to drive users to your site/business – a sprat to catch a mackerel in effect. And as Emap and Cosima have shown, podcasting can be a cheap way of spreading your message.

And that's before I've even got started on the viral marketing effect. Check out this cool podcast (made you look)


Blogger brianna said...

*scratching my head* call me old-fashioned, but i don't even know what the F a podcast is... (and i own an ipod)(which i don't ever use)

4:32 pm  
Anonymous Serge said...

Don't worry, Brianna: podcasts are just something which will use up even more of the scarce time you probably already have (at least, that's my reason for not listening to them - information overload!!! if you know what I mean). That is, btw, Sam, one of the reasons I am not sure if they are really that great a tool a lot of PR people seem to think. I have downloaded some, I have even started listening to some. But my quesiotn to all those podcasters would be: Please, just write it down, so I can scan for interesting parts - don't give me the forced linear approach listening from a to b PLUS people talk way to slow compared to the speed most of us read... No, not my cuppaT.

4:54 pm  
Blogger Pub said...

@Brianna - not sure whether you're old fashioned or I'm a geek (more than likely the latter) but just for reference, podcasts are downloadable audio/video files that you can play/view either on your computer or mp3 player. Most of them aren't that great but there are some good ones out there (check out the podcast section of itunes) that are funny/useful or just have sexy french maids in

@Serge - I think you're right, for now. Until they work out a way to get to search/index content in podcasts, the 'I want it now' user will be better off with text. But the beauty of the podcast is its portability and often the sit back and watch/listen effect. Information through osmosis. Plus being able to watch and listen as someone demonstrates something is a definite bonus. I think we'll be hearing a lot more from the podcasters in the next few months.

2:27 pm  
Blogger The Evil Design Agency said...

Podcasts will be big in the future I have no doubt. But right now it's all just a bit geeky, as with most new technologies. And as a result a lot of podcasts right now are made by people with nothing to say, but thanks to the miracle of technology, they have a brand new forum to say it. It's early days but I've heard enough promise in the small percentage I have been lucky enough to have recommended to me to convince me to keep a close eye on them.

8:02 pm  

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