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Part of my work for the University is producing a fortnightly magazine/newsletter that covers both internal and external communications (never an easy task). Last year it was nominated for, and won, the CIPR PRide award for the Best In-House Magazine/Newsletter (Midlands). This year, we have been nominated again so tonight I will be donning the tuxedo and heading off to the National Motorcycle Museum for the awards ceremony.

I've been working on the Communications team at the University to try to get them to develop a better e-version of the magazine than we have at the moment (downloadable PDFs – ick!) and fingers crossed things seem to be moving at last. The new version will be HTML based so will be searchable, RSS compatible (subscribe to the whole thing or just the sections that you want), include links to further information/blogs on the University's site and will hopefully include sound and movie clips. It's all part of a drive to use the University's website and portals to improve internal comms. It also eases my guilt about the enormous amount of paper used/wasted by the University (hopefully we'll be able to dramatically reduce the number of printed copies we produce).

Check out the Howies site for an interesting approach to reducing paper waste

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Anonymous Serge said...

You're right to take pride in this work. If only our college was willing to spend similar amounts of energy (to start with) and some money to make our publications nearly as good. I'm particularly jealous of the fact you get the chance of improving your e-letters. I don't work at Artevelde College's comms dept, and I have to bite my tongue not to comment on what they do too much. Actually, I have, at times, not been able to restrain myself and have given "input", but without much result so far. Apparently it has not gotten through yet... Best of luck with the awards, and: I'd love to see some pics of you in your tux! :-D

2:17 pm  
Anonymous Andrea Weckerle said...

Congratulations on the nomination! I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Yes, I'm with Serge on the picture. Give it lots of visual appeal: "Tux on Bike" or something like that.

3:51 pm  

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