Smoke 'em if you got em…

… because you might not be able to for much longer. Following the UK Government's success in staving off a backbench rebellion to reverse changes imposed on the controversial ID Cards Bill by peers, MPs will vote today on an equally emotive subject – smoking.

Today's free vote will decide whether or not to implement a ban on smoking in all England's pubs and clubs (as well as a proposal to raise the legal age of buying cigarettes from 16 to 18).

While other countries such as Ireland have successfully implemented a ban without affecting revenue as its opponents predicted, the English have dithered and procrastinated. In typical nanny state mode, some Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs oppose a total ban for fear it could undermine civil liberties. Cynics have suggested that the amount of smokers in the commons and the fear of losing the massive amounts of revenue generated by a drop tobacco sales, if a ban has such an impact, holds more sway than the rights of non-smokers and workers in pubs and clubs to not be exposed to passive smoking.

Vote wisely. Ban it.

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Blogger brianna said...

i'm in agreement. ban ban ban. i understand that smokers have a right to smoke, but not in enclosed places where the non-smokers have to suffer the nasty consequences of it...

2:57 pm  

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