Publish and be damned

Ever dreamed of being a published writer? Not satisfied with publishing via the web? Want something physical to put on your bookshelves that impresses those who haven't a clue what a blog is? This article, investigating self-publishing options, could be a warning shot across the bows of the big publishing companies.


Anonymous Serge said...

I am not sure if the quality of the books published (not only the content, but also the physical form like layout, paper, graphics,...) will be equally good. And that is, at least to me, also important. I know that you buy a book for its content, but still. It's like buying a CD: the music is what matters, but the booklet is important as well. In Belgium, you have, who offer a similar service. It's okay, but the variations are still limited. And my question would also be: if you manage to publish your own book, but nobody buys it... Will the frustration not be at least equally big? A publisher can be someone who points out the flaws of your scribblings and push you to produce better work. I am not saying the only books published should necessarily be bestsellers, but I am not sure the publishing world needs rubbish. That is what the internet (and blogs - but not this one, of course!) are for ;-)

4:00 pm  
Blogger Pub said...

I think you're right Serge. When print became democratised via word processing/DTP packages, we ended up in a situation where people could 'do it themselves on the cheap' and the products we shoddy and exactly that, cheap. And there is a very real danger of this happening here.

As a huge fan (and sometime practitioner) of the design that goes into professional print production I don't think that services like these are going to produce quality objects. But occasionally you may get a raw, primal text that springs up where publishers would fear to tread and that's always exciting

4:38 pm  

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