Millennium PR reaches milestone

Andrea Weckerle's Millennium PR blog is a stone's throw from joining the illustrious century club. Amongst my scribbled notes from the Making the News conference in Sunderland last year I found a reference to the fact that, at the time, Technorati was listing 20 million blogs (at the time of writing it's now 27.4 million). A surf trough the 'next blog' option on blogger (see top right of this blog) or even in Technorati itself quickly reveals that a good number of this 27.4 million are either signpost pages used to boost search engine rankings or traffic to dodgy sales sites or blogs that don't get past the first 2 posts. [I suppose that's the downside of using a free service like blogger rather than something like typepad. I really should upgrade.]

Taking this into account,
Millennium PR's 99 posts (and more to come) is quite an achievement. Even more so when you take into account the 'Content rules' approach Andrea takes to her posts. So, take a minute to check out Andrea's blog, read her 'lessons learned' (wise words) and congratulate her on her graduation from 'bloddler-hood' [sic] to fully-fledged blogolescent.

[edit - following Andrea's link to Kami Huyse's blog I found a post that estimates of 27.2 million blogs listed, 13.7 are 'active' - interesting stuff. You know the drill. Here's the link.)

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Anonymous Andrea Weckerle said...

Thank you Sam. Blogolescent, I really like that.

2:27 pm  

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