I got tagged

While I was out on the rugby pitch getting my nose splattered across my face I got tagged by the Four Things gang ...

Four jobs I've had
▪ Barman
▪ Builder’s labourer
▪ Chef in a Tex-Mex restaurant
(I may have told a few fibs to get this one)
▪ Editor

Four movies I can watch over and over
Chasing Amy
True Romance
Y Tu Mama Tambien

Four places I have lived
• Toddington, Bedfordshire, England
• Wolfsven (nr Eindhoven) Holland
• Sydney, Australia
• Birmingham, England

Four TV shows I love (when I have time to watch them)
• Lost (suckered in)
• Dark Angel
• Father Ted
• Green Wing

Four places I've been on vacation
• The Yasawa Islands, Fiji
• Stockholm, Sweden
• Red Mountain, Canada
• Singapore City, Singapore

Four of my favorite dishes
• Apple Strudel
• Steak-frites with Bernaise sauce
• Spit-roasted chicken
• Pan-seared Tuna steak

Four sites I visit daily
BBC online
Guardian Unlimited
Wooster collective

Four places I would rather be right now
Red Mountain, Canada (powder baby!)
• India
The Sow and Pigs in Toddington with my Dad
• Eating chicken in the little tin shack on the beach in Noja

Four bloggers I am tagging
• Joel (that’ll teach you to spam my blog - I'm not linking to this one out of principle)
Steve Sloan

BTW - we won the rugby 72-5


Anonymous Andrea Weckerle said...

Hi Sam, it's me, your friendly tagger...

Just a quick question: To spread the joy of this oh-so-fun little game, don't you have to link to the people you're tagging? I'm especially thinking of Joel (who, I'm guessing, will list each of his four favorite dishes as being Indian).

BTW, you c r e a m e d the other team.

12:46 am  
Blogger Pub said...

Andrea - you are of course right. We did give the other team a bit of a pasting but their no8 left me with a busted nose and a headache that lasted all weekend. I couldn't make my brain work hard enough to manually tag up the links in the HTML (blogger's WYSIWYG editor was playing silly buggers). Hopefully, CSS and links all fixed now

9:44 am  

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