Happy burfdy the monkey!


Anonymous Andrea Weckerle said...

Happy 21st birthday Sam! :-)

2:23 pm  
Anonymous Serge said...

From me too! Although I am getting curious about when your birthday was exactly and how old you are now. My guess would be somewhere between 25 and 30. But then again: I've never been very good at estimating people's age. Has gotten me into some embarrassing situations before! Luckily I knew my wife's birthday before we started dating (a long time ago). But I would have sworn she was a lot younger... ;-)

9:26 am  
Blogger Pub said...

Thanks guys, think I may need to 'fess up though. It's not my birthday, it's my girlfriend Gill's (aka 'the monkey').

@Andrea - you flatter me
@Serge - spot on, 27 to be precise (the flickr photos were from a batch I found on a 'lost' memory card). I haven't got candle blowing-out duty until September

12:29 pm  

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