Butler for hire

How great would it be to have a butler? Considering the struggle I had this morning to get up, get clean, get fed and dress smart enough for work and still get out of the house in something approaching enough time to make it to my desk at a respectable clocking-in time, the buttling skills of my very own Jeeves would come in very handy.

I might be in luck, rumour has it (via this link on the Guardian site) that search engine Ask Jeeves' American owners are to hand the distinctive face of the site his P45 (unemployment papers for all international readers) and send him off to the dole queue.

"We're expanding internationally, and a butler is very British. What the character did give us was a sense of humanity: that humanity will continue to be there, but it won't be in the form of Jeeves." said Rachel Johnson, the company's vice president of marketing for Europe.

Perhaps I could offer the virtual butler a home on this site?

'May I take your coat sir...'


Anonymous Serge said...

What a pity Jeeves is getting his C4 (that's the Belgian version of the P45): I always felt "Ask Jeeves" was an original and different way of presenting a search machine. Of course, the butler is a British 'concept', but I would dare to wage a bet that there are more Americans today with a butler than English... Apart from that, I often used Jeeves: usually more narrow and focused search results than with Google. And Sam: if you ever get as lucky as I am (married to the right person), you don't need a butler. [Okay: let's have all the comments now about me being a MCP! ;-D ]

1:55 pm  
Blogger The Evil Design Agency said...

So who are they planning to emply to fill the void? Surely Steven Fry would do a more than suitable job? Failing that maybe they could departmentalise the site and choose specific people for specific areas. Science questions to be directed at Steven Hawkins, Ask the Pope, Enquire with the Royals, Ask Bush Jnr (single syllable words only), Ask Jerry Springer.
Or maybe a concierge would do the job, he's have to go away and ask others first though, so search results may be delayed, and very expensive.

2:52 pm  
Anonymous Andrea Weckerle said...

Serge, I don't know... weren't you the one running around recently doing some Sunday speedshopping?

7:42 pm  
Anonymous Serge said...

True. But that was just by way of physical workout... :-)

11:22 pm  

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