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SCONUL tender finished last night and sent off this morning. Another invitation came in to pitch for work for a [edited] 6th consortium (web design, content, strategy and print). New 529 content and design site templates up (content needs a pull through - I get bored of my own stuff so quickly). VOIP phone network nearly up and running.

World domination here we come


Blogger The Evil Design Agency said...

Sixth consortium Mr Smith, not fourth.

5:16 pm  
Anonymous Andrea Weckerle said...

Nice work.

5:37 pm  
Anonymous Serge said...

Looks great, but uhm... don't know how to put it without sounding like an old nag: what the hell was wrong with the old one? It looked like it could run for some time longer... Or am I missing something apart from the fact that you get bored of your own stuff so quickly? Anyway: nice work, still! BTW: is VOIP = skype?

7:59 pm  
Blogger Pub said...

The old one was ok and I did have some reservations about changing it so soon but we created the new templates to be more flexible for the way we want to develop the business and to get around a couple of the problems that we had with the last set.

Oh, and yes VOIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol, Skype is just a brand name that uses VOIP so I suppose Skype is VOIP but not vice versa

9:12 am  

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