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Zembla magazine (www.zemblamagazine.com). I got hold of a copy about a year ago (which my father promptly purloined) and haven't been able to get hold of another since. Anyone know where I can get my hands on a copy or if they're still going?


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OK so I cheated and no-one got back to me via this post/my blog but I did get a reply via my comment on the Guardian Culture Vulture blog. In case anyone's interested:

Re: Zembla - unfortunately, it's now defunct. There were a further two issues after the Tom Waits one - the last (no 9) had Samantha Morton on the cover, and was released just before Christmas (I know, because I had a piece in it...). Borders may still stock this one - they were usually a good place to find the others.
I understand the editorial team are putting together funding for a new magazine (under a different name) later in the year...

Posted by Pedro Paramo on January 4, 2006 02:17 PM.

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Blogger Justin said...

It is true. To check in on our progress, visit http://magazine101.blogspot.com

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