Saturday night at the Dragon bar...

Off to London after tomorrow's match to catch Oddjob at the Dragon Bar in Leonard St. Not the round, oriental, bowler hat wearing Bond villain, my friend Tamar's new band in their first gig. 'World Funk' is promised and 'loud shirts and stray camels' are encouraged.

If you're in town, come and have a listen. I may even buy you a pint


Anonymous Noel Gallagher said...

I quote: "The Dragon Bar mainly attracts a music, art and design orientated clientele." I always knew it, Sam... You're the arty farty fooking college boy type.

6:30 pm  
Blogger Pub said...

Always liked Blur better than Osmosis or whatever that other lot were called. Come and 'ave a go northern monkey boy ;)

7:12 pm  

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