Pot luck, pot noodle

I love going to Oriental/Asian supermarkets and trying new foods and ingredients. Half the fun is not knowing what stuff is (because I don't read Chinese/Japanese/Korean) or what to do with it. And the packaging is just brilliant. My lunchtime haul from one of the Chinese-run supermarkets in Selly Oak


Anonymous Serge said...

Yummie -oriental stuff. Can be a disappointment too, but still: if you don't try it, you don't know. I remember eating one of the sauces we brought home from a similar outlet (pity sometimes I live more in the countryside; we do have to 'take a detour' to get to any such shops): it was so hot I didn't taste anything for days... I still wonder if the rest of the dish was tasteful or not.

9:36 pm  
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