a parody of a parody of a parody

I can't remember which comedian coined the tag-line 'only in America' to contextualise and explain the stories of jaw dropping weirdness and stupidity that seem to hit the international news daily but Nicholas Wind's comment in his Fuck the 'New York Times piece on Seattle's – 'Is anyone else tired of living in a parody of a real country?' – is a loud shout from the intelligent side of America.

In a strangely self-perpetuating way the media often portrays Americans as backwards, insular and stupid and we outsiders lap it up because it gives us a sense of (unjustified) smug superiority. America is a huge place with an equally large, growing population. It has a huge creative, corporate and academic output. I was reading one of Chuck Palahniuk's
short 'stories' last night about how he and a friend dressed up in giant animal outfits and went out in the city to try and experience what it was like to be stared at/ridiculed/discriminated against – something that he claims that many white males can go through life without experiencing. The result of his experiment was a well-written, entertaining and thought provoking piece. In the same way there seems to be an increasing amount of good satire coming out of America at the moment. As Antoine de Caune and Jean Paul Gautier in the excellent Eurotrash realised, sometimes the best way to subvert parody is through parody itself.

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Anonymous Andrea Weckerle said...

Good post. Your Nicholas Wind and Antoine de Caune/Jean Paul Gautier links don't work. Would you please update them? Thanks.

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Blogger Pub said...

Thanks Andrea. Have fixed the links now. Will teach me to use the WYSIWYG editor and not proof my stuff (I blame the man flu).

*Blogger's WYSIWYG needs the http:// extension on its links apparently or it treats them as relative rather than absolute*

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hey! there's a new one at!

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