curried spam?

On the come down from a frenzy of posting in the last 48 hours (well, by mine and Serge's standards anyway), a short post to round off the week.

My last couple of posts have attracted the attention of 'Joel' and his Indian food website. I'd had spam comments before - cleverly worded: thanks for your comment/checking out my site' comments that, the first time I saw them, had me following the link to see who's I'd forgotten I'd commented on. Clever.

Joel's comments don't even attempt subtle wiles, they're just straight up spamming. What's more, he's adopted the traditional spammer scattergun approach and commented 3 times on the same post. I didn't order spam, curried or otherwise. So please don't leave me junk comments just to boost your page ranking or site visits. I don't want to moderate my comments but I will if I have to. Genuine commenters like
Brianna more than welcome though.

Rant over. Happy Friday


Anonymous Serge said...

Do you like Belgian fries? Then come over to Serge's famous Chip Shop. No curry, but 'curryworst'. BTW: this is spam. And yes: at this chip shop too, there's a guy works here who swears he's Elvis. Kirsty McCall forever!

2:42 pm  
Blogger brianna said...

how the fuck am i gonna live up to they hype now?! THANKS A LOT. also, good call on placing that movie quote!

4:07 am  
Anonymous Serge said...

Brianna: hype or not - love your boots!

9:33 pm  

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