I'd been wondering what to do with these lights since I took them off my christmas tree. The wire out of the top reminds me of the fuse in a stick of dynamite

Mineral water bottle: pinched from an awards event at the Burlington Hotel
Lights: £7.50 on sale from Habitat
One of a kind bottle lamp: priceless but yours for £20 ;-)


Anonymous joel said...

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4:54 pm  
Anonymous Serge said...

£20? What a rip-off! You should be glad we don't report you for stealing... Apart from that: excellent idea. Perhaps I should start stealing as well. Ideas, that is... There is no 'patent pending' or anything, is there?
PS: can hardly keep up with your rate of posting. Don't you have work to do? Or time to spend with other people? Or sleep to uhm... sleep? Or am I just very slow?

8:45 pm  
Blogger Pub said...

No patent pending. Call this one intellectual shareware ;)

As for my recent express rate of posting I've been spending so much time working the past few days I seem to be at my desk/laptop more than usual which I suppose accounts for the increase in posts. That and I do tend to just bash them out off the top of my head. Sleep is coming. Post rate will drop off. Crash and burn

9:12 am  

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