Silly name, serious food

If you're ever in Birmingham, more specifically Selly Oak, and you're feeling a bit peckish you could do a lot worse than head over to the Selly Sausage; one of Birmingham's best kept secrets.

Amongst the detritus of the Selly Oak 'student ghetto' sits a place of student legend. In my undergrad days you could more likely than not find me and my chums nursing a hangover with a cup of tea, a big breakfast and the Sunday papers under the watchful eyes of Jimi Hendrix and co. These days Jimi's mural has been painted over but the with the help of Selly's local street artists and a crack team of grill chefs trained at the swankier
Chez Jules, the Sausage mark II still gets the blogger Smith seal of approval.

All Tony needs to do now is put in a wireless connection and I'll be running my wheelings and dealings out of there on a daily basis (and putting on about 3 stone in the process!)


Blogger Keaton said...

Sausage, eh? Sounds good to me (I just woke up here, EST) - plus being a rabid Anglophile, I enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks for being my first, you lucky dog. Bangers & Mash, all around.

3:35 pm  
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