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In the days leading up to the festival of over indulgence that Christmas has become, the BBC are running a feature on fatties, perhaps as a warning to us all (note to all smug Brits, it's not just America that has a problem with obesity, we're fast catching up)?

At the other end of the scale, the beautiful people and the media are often blamed for selling unrealistic images of perfection that encourage poor self-esteem which may lead to eating disorders. Check this out for an interesting insight into the photoshop trickery that goes into 'creating' a covergirl.


Blogger Serge said...

Excellent stuff. Tell me where I can get that software! I want it, now!! ;-D Anyway: I've tried your Google thing, and I must say I didn't notice any spectacular results. Is it me? am I missing something? After all: I didn't understand as much as half the explanation you posted... :-(

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