New York opportunist

Gosh those New Yorkers are quick. As New York commuters found alternative routes into work (I particularly liked the idea of rollerskating to work) due to the transit workers strike, one enterprising company took advantage of Google's ad words to get some prime online marketing space.

You've got to admire the directness of thought that went into that piece of action.


Blogger Keaton said...

Being an "ex-pat" from NYC, now living in Philly, I remember well the lengths we'd go to in order to get from here to there. Be it a strike, a blizzard or just a subway line out of commission, ya just can't keep us .. umm, them down.
My cabaret show is going to be in a small theatre here in Philadelphia. This show is going to be a fairly bawdy bunch of songs -- as you might surmise...

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