It's English, but not as we noe [sic] it

Yesterday I saw a girl, who couldn't have been more than about 7, texting avidly on her mobile outside her school. Seems like most kids these days have a mobile of some description and if the legions of texters I see on the bus each day is anything to go by, future generations will have massively developed thumbs to accompany the usual teen grunts and acne.

After translating the blog post I came across this morning while playing the follow the link game, I've come to the conclusion that they will also have their own language:

I noe [name withheld] since form 2...but dat time i don really noe wat kind of person she is....until Form 3 i same class wit her only noe dat she is a great person.....i feel dat i'm very lucky coz i noe her and i noe dat friendship will always in our heart!!! We will remember each other....rite??? hehe....i noe we will.... freind 4ever!!! i miss u so much!!! i cant believe dat itz almost 2 month!!! hope 2 c u soon!!! becoz of my stupid tuition make us canot c each other....but now i don hav any tuition so i will try my best to meet u some where!!!!! k???

Maybe this is just an extension of Nigel Molesworth's pre-blog era musings?


Blogger Keaton said...

That girl sat right behind me in the movies last night. Well, it WAS "King Kong," so what was I expecting...
A rabid anglophile. Hmmm. Wallis Simpson with foam coming out of her mouth? Well, I hear that happened every night at the cocktail hour.

4:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My daughter can type so fast on her phone it amazes me.

I cringe when I read some of the myspace sites she visits.
These poor kids have very limited skills.

It really is sad what this generation deems important.

I am so thankful that my daughter is doing well in her first year of college and seems to be ahead of the curve.

5:34 pm  
Blogger Serge said...

"Glad" to notice it's not only happening in Dutch. As a lecturer I can only hope their "normal language" skills will improve by coining a new one. Experts claim this can be the case and that this textese/textish/textonian/... (?) is not necessarily a threat to the standard language. Looking at some students' scribblings, however, I do start to have serious doubts...

7:41 pm  

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