Howies that?!

I think the first time I saw a Howies t-shirt was on the drummer in the Propellerheads' 'History Repeating' video. Then I remember drooling about a particular virulent yellow number in an overpriced pseudo snowboard shop until my then girlfriend generously bought it for me (probably to stop the drool).

I've since become a dedicated fan not just of their clothes (stylish and functional - a dream combination), but also of their values and ethics and honesty. I've tried to order a couple of things recently and they've either been out of stock or waiting for deliveries that have been delayed. Each time they've taken the time to phone me and let me know what's going on and each time they've sounded genuinely bothered.

Take a look at the
site, check out their blog and their products and take a minute to appreciate a company that sets a shining example of a good way to be.


Blogger KaMeeL said...

Now that is one of the great aspects of blogs: one does get to know really great new uhm... stuff (sorry for the disrespectful word). I had already seen a Howies T on my brother-in-law (who is a keen snowboarder), but I had no idea what it was about (and I did not really ask). So thanks for filling me/us in! And btw: break a leg out there in the Alps (an expression which, as you undoubtedly know but about which I would hate to create any misconceptions is - also in Belgium - meant to wish someone good luck)!

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