How did I get here?

How many times have you started off with a specific task in mind and somewhere along the way got distracted and ended up finding something new that you never would have thought of looking for in the first place? Isn't that one of life's great pleasures, the unexpected treasure?

The web is a great place to wander aimlessly. Google searches, with their thousands of entries per search, often throw up tangents that have happy endings. Author Seth Godin mentions on his blog how "Bookstores are great at situational selling, at exploiting the proximity effect to help you discover something you didn't think you were looking for. Amazon isn't nearly as good at that (though they're trying)."

I wonder how his predictions of the 'inevitable' thumbnail photos in Google adwords will affect how those of us who are easily distracted will search in the future?

I give you 'the Llama song'. Who says I'm easily distracted?


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