History steamrollered by rich twins

Faced with a world where it seems like every high street is rapidly turning into a wasteland of clone chain stores, those little pockets of idiosyncracy that survive the march of globalisation never fail to cheer me up. Ancient bye-laws that have never been repealed or peculiar customs like cheese rolling in Gloucestershire or tar barrel running in Devon are part of not only our history but our national character.

The survival of Europe's last feudal state, Sark - a small island overseen by the Queen, but not part of the UK, populated by tax exiles with battery-powered buggies and helicopters instead of cars - is, according to the BBC, in peril.

A sad demonstration of the fact that money and a blatant disregard for history and culture in favour of selfish motives will win out.

Haro, Haro, Haro!


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