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I'll admit to being surprised by Elizabeth Albrycht's compelling examples of the power of the blogger in the States at the recent Making the News conference in Sunderland. But, lagging slightly behind the Americans (as we often do when web developments are concerned), in the uptake of blogging in the UK and having recently spoken/evangelised to uninitiated friends and colleagues about the power of the blogger, I was pleasantly surprised to see that UK bloggers are catching up with their American cousins.

The BBC's piece on the tug of war between religious campaigners and pro-freedom of speech bloggers highlights some interesting points.

"blogs have negligible costs, no matter how many people you're trying to reach, and have a knack of making messages leap from one interested group of people into another. And if you're canny, you become a representative of the people without even having to have a members' organisation."

"Another approach would be to persuade the supermarket chains that bloggers can be just as zealous and single-minded as any religious followers."

Will it be a case of 'he who blogs loudest?


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