Takes more than a rogue spore to stop me*. Well actually, considering yesterday's pathetic activity levels (lying around most of the day feeling sorry for myself) that's probably not true but I'm back up and at 'em again today. Just in time for the first proper snowfall of winter. Was coming down in golf ball size chunks for about and hour.

Karl's working on the blog section of the 529 content site today. I think I'm annoying him by keeping on saying 'no not like that, like this', but these are the perils of working remotely and of him wanting to build it himself and not use TypePad.

Just got a message from 'Machine' who's been celebrating the first snowfalls of the year by breaking out the skis and heading up to the moors. If they didn't think he was odd when he moved to Cornwall, I'm sure they do now. But they love him. It's hard not to really. The big oaf.

* I think I've identified the cause of my 'food poisoning'. In my hurry to grab breakfast before I went to rugby I think the bread I used for toast my have had a spot of mould on it. I'm very allergic to penicillins so I think I'll be ultra paranoid boy when it comes to throwing away old bread from now on.


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