An old friend called me up yesterday and asked if she could crash at mine after the gig she was playing so that she didn't have to trek back into London in the middle of the night. Good thing.

I hadn't seen her in a while; she leads a glamorous (well in my eyes it is) life and has spent this year flitting between Australia, South Africa, India and Malaysia playing gigs, so it was great to catch up. She brought me a nice bottle of wine (always gladly appreciated) and some cool beads from South Africa as a belated birthday present. We chatted until nearly 3am and I ended up sleeping through my alarm. Whoops.

Got to work and the boss was having a strop. Managed to hold in the 'I told you so' that was going around my head. I can't wait to leave.

Off to see Harry Potter V tonight. 3 hours in the dark. Hope I don't fall asleep. As if.


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