if I stop, I'll fall

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. I've been up and down the country from Sunderland, where I was inspired by speakers at a very interesting conference on blogging, podcasting and the new PR at Sunderland Uni to London where I spend the day selling my services to a consortium of librarians (very receptive to what I had to say about their site and their content - I was trying so hard not to rip it apart) and public school DJ wannabes; via Leeds where I was pimping myself out in a different guise; as a teacher of web content production.

What with all the travelling, working my regular job, seeing friends and family (some of whom I've been neglecting) and trying to have a social life, I've hardly had a minute to sit down. My head is buzzing with ideas. It's all very exciting. Just don't ask me to stop or I'll fall.


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