I thought I'd left the sprouts behind when I left Bedfordshire but these bloggers are sprout obsessed

Sprouting networks

One of the reasons for the resuscitaion of this blog was my recent visit to Sunderland for the Making the News conference. As I have mentioned I left inspired and having met some extremely dynamic and interesting people with whom I had the chance to discuss all manner of things from blogging to Brussels.

Philip Young (who runs the Communications, Cultural and Media Studies course at Sunderland and who hosted the conference) demonstrates the networking ethic that we heard about during the conference and also says some very nice things about this blog, 529 content (which is now up and running) and a certain stylish Belgian.

Ca sprout pour moi...

I remain convinced and even heard the second hand effects of my evangelising this morning. Spread the word.


If a picture is worth a thousand words...

Words, pictures, words or pictures, words and pictures?

I've always been surrounded by both and developed a voracious appetite for words and pictures from a very early age. I have bookshelves and boxes double stacked with books I could never get rid of and files and boxes and CDs full of images of all types, sizes, shapes and description.

I love to create and I love being inspired by others' creativity. That's one of the big draws of the web for me - being able to share and tap into a world of creativity. And that's why I love

Check it out. Check out my pictures. Leave me a comment. Set up and account and share yours. Be inspired


O come all ye faithfull

I had the pleasure of 'shooting the breeze' with this guy at a conference in Sunderland a couple of weeks ago. I think we were both aware of blogging but I don't think either of us was convinced at that stage by what kind of impact this phenomenon was having/would have.

I left convinced and my return to the fold is evidence of this. A testament to the speakers at the conference then that Serge also left inspired. Welcome to the blogosphere Serge.

Machine on the Cornish Alps


Takes more than a rogue spore to stop me*. Well actually, considering yesterday's pathetic activity levels (lying around most of the day feeling sorry for myself) that's probably not true but I'm back up and at 'em again today. Just in time for the first proper snowfall of winter. Was coming down in golf ball size chunks for about and hour.

Karl's working on the blog section of the 529 content site today. I think I'm annoying him by keeping on saying 'no not like that, like this', but these are the perils of working remotely and of him wanting to build it himself and not use TypePad.

Just got a message from 'Machine' who's been celebrating the first snowfalls of the year by breaking out the skis and heading up to the moors. If they didn't think he was odd when he moved to Cornwall, I'm sure they do now. But they love him. It's hard not to really. The big oaf.

* I think I've identified the cause of my 'food poisoning'. In my hurry to grab breakfast before I went to rugby I think the bread I used for toast my have had a spot of mould on it. I'm very allergic to penicillins so I think I'll be ultra paranoid boy when it comes to throwing away old bread from now on.


compare and contrast

Saturday, your dashing author speeding down the wing in a dazzling display of athelticsm (ahem), sidestepping and cutting great holes in the opposition's defence to score under the sticks. Celebration with a few beers and a chinese takeaway.

Sunday, in bed bemoaning the fact that the food has had it's revenge and me and the bathroom have become far too well acquainted over the last 12 hours.

I hate being sick


breakfast of champions

breakfast of champions

Went out last night and stayed out later than I'd planned. Got in and made the fatal mistake of checking my email and talking to friends around the world till the early hours. Weighed up the benefits of an extra half hour of sleep vs breakfast and the zzzz's won hands down.

By the time I got to work, I was sleepy and hungry. Fortunately I wasn't the only one and Rachel ran to the shop to get coffee and breakfast for the bleary-eyed team.

Fuel to get me through to 3.30 then roll on the weekend.

Going to get the rest of the content for sorted this weekend hopefully. Me and my mac are becoming close friends again


An old friend called me up yesterday and asked if she could crash at mine after the gig she was playing so that she didn't have to trek back into London in the middle of the night. Good thing.

I hadn't seen her in a while; she leads a glamorous (well in my eyes it is) life and has spent this year flitting between Australia, South Africa, India and Malaysia playing gigs, so it was great to catch up. She brought me a nice bottle of wine (always gladly appreciated) and some cool beads from South Africa as a belated birthday present. We chatted until nearly 3am and I ended up sleeping through my alarm. Whoops.

Got to work and the boss was having a strop. Managed to hold in the 'I told you so' that was going around my head. I can't wait to leave.

Off to see Harry Potter V tonight. 3 hours in the dark. Hope I don't fall asleep. As if.


hardly Rodin-esque

if I stop, I'll fall

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. I've been up and down the country from Sunderland, where I was inspired by speakers at a very interesting conference on blogging, podcasting and the new PR at Sunderland Uni to London where I spend the day selling my services to a consortium of librarians (very receptive to what I had to say about their site and their content - I was trying so hard not to rip it apart) and public school DJ wannabes; via Leeds where I was pimping myself out in a different guise; as a teacher of web content production.

What with all the travelling, working my regular job, seeing friends and family (some of whom I've been neglecting) and trying to have a social life, I've hardly had a minute to sit down. My head is buzzing with ideas. It's all very exciting. Just don't ask me to stop or I'll fall.


What pub did next

I work with words and pictures. I work for someone else and it sucks. I also work for myself and it's much better. So, to work for myself or for someone else.

Tough choice?

Check out and give me a heads up and tell me I'm doing the right thing

Time to get serious?

So. I seem to have been neglecting my original intentions to become a blogger.

I will admit that I started this thing mainly out of curiosity and then got bored/distracted (delete as applicable). Well, I've had an epiphany. After moaning about the fact that my boss decided that it would be a good idea for me to go to Sunderland to attend a conference on blogging, podcasting and the new PR, I have to admit that I've had a change of heart and am coming back to this blog, cap in hand, with the best of intentions. Let's hope it lasts this time.