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Today I am doing something that I've been meaning to do for a while. As a 'new media professional' and someone who uses the web on a daily basis for everything from shopping and recreation to research and keeping in touch with people I'd have lost touch with years ago without the web, I am unusual in my online habits. Having been involved in the original dot-com boom (and got out without getting burned) I'm always willing to sing the praises of the web and the wonderful things it offers. As a self-confessed 'new-geek' I love gadgets and downloads and enjoy all the advantages that they offer me in daily life. Having said all that, it wasn't until this week that I'd used e-bay, something that millions of people around the world do each day, and although I'd read countless blogs and even written about them, this is my first non-professional foray into online publishing since University.
I write a lot for work and this often hinders my writing for me. That's something I want to stop. I want to write what I want and this is my chance to get some practice in; just to do some writing for me. Hopefully it will lead to other, bigger and better things but until then this will do just fine.


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