mine's a Guinness

I work at a university. The same university that I studied at, although I have worked elsewhere. I just ended up back here by coincidence.

I never really liked the catering facilities on campus when I was a student here and my standards were much lower. I much preferred the independent cafes, pubs and sandwich shops that are only 2 minutes walk off campus and certainly no more expensive but I find it hard to persuade some of my colleagues to make the extra walk. Occasionally when I'm not in the mood to eat my lunch on my own I head over to the student union for a quick pint and an inevitably bad sandwich. Outside in the courtyard this lunchtime, one of the bigger recruitment companies was giving away freebies with their branding on, trying to catch the attention of the 'just about to graduate' crowd.

Always up for a freebie, I wandered over to see what the deal was. 2 disinterested students/recent grads were manning 2 [insert name of company] branded icecream vendor carts in the barely above zero temperatures. The carts and the free smoothies that were being given away bore the legend "Drink yourself clever" and the company logo. Nothing else. The carts were stationed inbetween 2 of the main bars on campus and judging by the time it took to get a pint and a table, I think that the message was getting through.

the littlest things

Sometimes when we're all caught up in our own world's and goings on it's easy to forget that there's more out there than just what's in your immediate sphere. When someone takes the time to be bothered about something that doesn't affect them directly it reminds me how self-involved I can be and that taking even the slightest interest in someone else's life can have a big impact.

My sister has just undergone major surgery and I've been fairly pre-occupied. To those of my friends and colleagues who have taken the time to ask after her unprompted I want to say thank you.

words you can feel Posted by Hello
Today I am doing something that I've been meaning to do for a while. As a 'new media professional' and someone who uses the web on a daily basis for everything from shopping and recreation to research and keeping in touch with people I'd have lost touch with years ago without the web, I am unusual in my online habits. Having been involved in the original dot-com boom (and got out without getting burned) I'm always willing to sing the praises of the web and the wonderful things it offers. As a self-confessed 'new-geek' I love gadgets and downloads and enjoy all the advantages that they offer me in daily life. Having said all that, it wasn't until this week that I'd used e-bay, something that millions of people around the world do each day, and although I'd read countless blogs and even written about them, this is my first non-professional foray into online publishing since University.
I write a lot for work and this often hinders my writing for me. That's something I want to stop. I want to write what I want and this is my chance to get some practice in; just to do some writing for me. Hopefully it will lead to other, bigger and better things but until then this will do just fine.